July 14, 2023

Three New Races of Bremia lactucae (Bl) Denominated

At the beginning of July, the IBEB-EU (International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU) denominated three new races of Bremia lactucae: Bl: 38EU, Bl: 39EU and Bl: 40EU. At the same time, the decision was taken to no longer observe the previously denominated races Bl: 16-28EU as these races are practically no longer observed in Europe. The result of this decision is that declarations of resistance for varieties of lettuce will only carry resistance from Bl: 29EU and above.

Agility Agriculture's lettuce breeding partner, Gautier Semences have put a great deal of effort into ensuring that their portfolio carries effective resistance against the new races of Bremia recently denominated. In addition, significant R&D is conducted to bring resistance to Fusarium Fol: 1 and Fol: 4.